Volunteer In The World helps to create an effective network between volunteers and volunteer organisations. These projects are managed by organisations in many different countries. Volunteers can get advice on the best volunteer projects and directly contact trusted organizations that we suggest from our experience.

Volunteer In The World promotes different volunteer options (EVS, school trips, ethical travel, internships, job positions in the third sector ….), offering help and support to those who want to make a difference to the public benefit.

Volunteer In The World really wants to help the countries and the people that need it the most.

Volunteer In The World, to start a partnership with other charities and NGOs, asks for all the necessary information to check and understand if they work in an ethical way by providing all the necessary needs to accomplish their projects. We need to know which are their investment plans, which activities the volunteers are involved and how useful are the volunteer for the projects.

Volunteer In The World connects volunteers with other Charities and NGOs. As such, we do not offer our own facilities but provide the services and facilities that other Charities and NGOs have at their disposal.

As part of its future development Volunteer in the World will stablish facilities such as orphanages and schools, ensuring that more services are provided and more volunteers find more opportunities to make a difference.

To be a member of our Charity and receive our newsletter and live information we charge £25 per person per year. This fee ensures that Volunteer In The World is able to cover operating expenses. Breaking down the costs to a monthly fare, it results to just £2, which does not seem excessive or out of reach for most. Nevertheless, if need be, Volunteer In The World will take into account the specific circumstances of each individual to ensure that nobody misses out on the opportunity of helping others.


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