Learn Languages While Volunteering Abroad!
While you are doing international volunteer work on a projects abroad placement, you have the ideal opportunity to learn or improve a new language as well as immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of your host country.
It’s very rewarding to learn French in Senegal, Arabic in Morocco, or Spanish in Costa Rica, while living the local lifestyle. Our language courses abroad offer a combination of personally tailored lessons and daily opportunities for practice. Consequently, you will make great progress and may surprise yourself with how quickly you are able to grasp a new language. It is certainly easier than learning back home!
Volunteer work is by its nature challenging, but is also normally an immensely fulfilling and enjoyable experience. It combines very well with a language course, as you can much more effectively assist people if you can speak their language. Also there is no better place to practice and develop your language skills than in the real-life situations presented by volunteer work.