In Rwanda, most of the population lives in rural areas, where it is difficult to reach hospitals and comprehensive clinics.

One Family Health is an organisation founded by Dr. Gunther L. Faber.

The organisation aim is to open nurse run entry-level primary healthcare clinics in rural communities aimed at increasing health access to people who live in these areas and reduce the walking time/distance from home to a primary healthcare clinic.

In addition, the clinic network creates jobs for qualified nurses and the support staff they need to manage these clinics, thereby increasing tax-paying jobs in rural areas. Moreover, as most nurses are women the network also addresses the gender employment issue.

It gives health education to the patients and their communities, improving hygiene and disease prevention.

This organisation has a partnership with Rwanda’s Ministry of Health, allowing the network of clinics to provide affordable healthcare for the most vulnerable.

You have the opportunity to support One Family Health, so if you are interested in this, take a look at their website (