Animal care


Volunteers Action Foundation Nepal (VAFON) is a non-governmental and non-profit social organization that operates in Nepal. It was founded in 2017 by a team of sociologists, journalists, social workers, activists, and educationalists. It works for human rights (and not only), equal access to economic and social well-being, and career opportunities (especially for disadvantaged people like women and children). They fight for the rights of everyone that suffer from discrimination, injustice, oppression, disparity, violence, poverty. By means of their volunteers, they try to bring hope to these people through education, health, and community development. They include and involve schools, universities, corporate organizations, adult groups, and locals in their programs.


The Animal Care Project, just one of many projects.
VAFON has a wide range of volunteering programs, such as orphanage volunteering, childcare works and teaching, disabilities home and daycare, teaching English language to the monks in monasteries, local community school placements. Also, construction projects, environmental conservation programs, agriculture and farming, youth and women empowerment, computer education volunteer programs, volunteering in the field of journalism, health care and medical volunteer opportunities in hospitals, tour projects. This is only a part of the VAFON activities; for example, they also have a project about injured and abandoned animals. The animal care project is most dedicated to dogs and cows; these unwanted animals are left on the street and this problem is getting worst every year, while they keep reproducing in the city areas. The VAFON animal care center works to provide them the proper care for the injured, sick, disabled, neglected, and old dogs, cows, and other animals. They work in collaboration with many organizations for the welfare of animals.

With this animal care project, volunteers help to improve the lives of street animals by feeding, bathing, caring, cleaning them, and giving them the love, they deserve. They usually found 4 to 10 injured and sick animals per week and every shelter has around 15 to 30 animals. They have various partnership collaborations with local animal shelters and with activists for animals’ rights. VAFON also uses to invite interesting partners, animal lovers, veterinary students to help in this project.


The importance of organizations like this one.
Since they do not have any funded projects at this time, they cannot start their own animal care center, and they have to rely on other local organizations. If their project is financed, it would be more effective.

This kind of project is fundamental to defend the weakest and the voiceless, humans and animals both.

They need to be supported because until there will not be equal rights and fair laws for everyone, we will always need someone that brings help.

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